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    Anton Heestand

    Hi, I’m shifting my focus to a new node editor, code name: Apuri. I will try to add the graphics capabilities of Circles to Apuri, tho it’s more UI focused.

    Circles will still be available, but I’m stopping the subscriptions, so soon after version 1.6 is approved by Apple, all Pro & Max nodes will be included in the app!

    Unfortunately the NDI nodes are not supported anymore, as the NDI dependency has a too big integration effort.

    I hope you enjoy Circles!

    Fun fact: The reason Circles has circular nodes was to test how omni directional nodes would work for another future node editor idea code name: Spheres. I believe it’s a key component to a future 3D node editor. Maybe I’ll shift the Apuri code base to be omnidirectional, to become Spheres.

    Anyway, thanks for everything, stay tuned!

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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